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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A fun Easter time craft

I love to recycle all my crafts supplies, I keep a huge bag full of left over felt and what not. It is better not to waste. After Easter fun is all up and the kids have eaten all the yummy goodies from the inside of those little tiny eggs, really there is not much you can do other than throw them out. With this super cute and fun craft you can make your kids a cute little herd of animals to play with!
I love to use felt, I think it is super easy to work with and the possibilities are endless. You can even bring the little ones in on this. Just make sure you use safety scissors when cutting. If you plan to do this one alone I would like to recommend using those tiny scissors you get in a pedicure pack. I love those things and you can cut out perfect size ears,legs,tails and more with them! Hope you all enjoy I know I will and can't wait to make my girls some Eggimals!

A Herd of Eggimals
After they've given up all their Easter candy, give your plastic eggs an adorable second life as an owl, skunk, dog, cat, pig, or mouse.
Total Time Needed : 1 Hour 
        * Plastic Easter eggs
        * Tiny pom-poms
        * Felt
        * Crafter's Pick The Ultimate glue or hot glue
        * Black permanent marker
       1. To make the felt features for your critters, you can download our template. We used Crafter's Pick The Ultimate glue (hot glue also works well) to attach the pieces to the eggs and a black permanent marker to draw the face details.
       2. Pig: Curl a 4-inch piece of pipe cleaner around a pen to make the tail, then glue it in place.
       3.  Mouse: For its tail, glue on a 3-inch length of yarn, knotted at the end.
       4.Skunk: First glue the rear half of the stripe to the tail, then glue the tail and front of the stripe to the body.

Right below is a link to the site so you can print out a template and get a good look at the super cute and fun

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