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Monday, April 18, 2011

Elena's vervain filled locket

Yes once again I am going to admit, I am total sucker for ALL things Vampire Diaries. Recently well searching around Etsy to find some more favorite items and shops I found these three lockets. I found a total of three that I think are the perfect gift for you or any TVD fan, I even found 3 different great price ranges.
Gorgeous sterling silver plated, antique finish locket is inspired by the locket worn by Elena in the Vampire Diaries. It is embellished with a blood red crystal drop.Locket measures approximately 1.25" and necklace measures approximately 18 inches.

This locket by Birdz N Beez is the cheaper of the three. It is priced at $24.00. It's not perfect like some of the others but it pretty darn close. It's great for someone on a budget, or for someone who wants to buy more than just one.

Jewelry Type: Necklace Brand Name P & A Main Material: 925 Sterling Silver  Main Stone: Garnet Size: diameter: 2.5cm Height: 1.5 cm Weight: 15g Length of the chain: 50 cm PLEASE NOTE:It will take about 7-10 day for delivering. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

 This locket from Meng709032 is my favorite  of the three. Don't get me wrong I love all three. I am not sure what it is but I love it! It's priced at $69.00. I think it's the one I would pick, since it looks so much like the locket worn on the show.

This pendant was inspired by a popular TV show.
In the first 3 pictures it has not yet been given a patina to darken the silver, let me know if you prefer it that way. The back can be personalized with a short name if you let me know at time of ordering. These photos are actually 4 different pendants that I have made, no 2 can be exactly alike because they are handmade. It is embellished with a 4mm Lab-Grown Round Ruby Cabochon, but if you request a lab-grown garnet or lab-grown orange carnelian This pendant has a hollow pouch so that you can put essential oil in it for aromatherapy. It does not open and close like a locket. You can put oil directly into the pendant or you can soak the oil in cotton, felt or a small piece of sponge to remove it easier. It has an image of silver swirls and balls. The back is polished silver with my tag and hallmark. If you don't want to put oil in then it will also hold crushed up leaves, herbs, tiny twigs, or nothing at all. It could also be used to hold a message, a written wish, a lock of hair, or whatever will fit. Since they are hand built they all vary slightly as you can see, there are 4 different ones in the pictures. These particular ones measure about one inch in diameter, not including the bail. In cross section they average about 10mm (pouch size) or 12mm from the highest silver ball. The 18 inch sterling silver curb chain is included, or you may opt for the sterling silver chain that is embellished with tiny silver oval balls all the way to the clasp, (shown in the second photo) let me know your preference. I have other chains to choose from as well.

This locket by Surfing Sliver is beautiful! It's higher in price but its pretty dead on. I am sure the $115.00 will be well worth it for any TVD fan. 

If your a huge fan of the show you should check out these Etsy shops. I would love to know which of the three you think is the one that is close to the one worn by Elena ( Nina Dobrev) on the show.


  1. I love Vampire Diaries and would like any of them as a gift, but if I was buying it I would also go with number two by meng709032. I think its the prettiest of them all. Good Job KMR!

  2. The first one is my favorite, i would so buy it if i had extra money! =o( Thanks for posting, love me some VD! =o)