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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Featured Etsy seller : Liz Plane (leapinglizzie)

Back in September I was looking for the perfect Snow White dress for soon to be 2 year old's Snow White birthday party. Being me and wanting every little detail to be perfect I had a very strict story book look in mind. I really do not care for the in store princess outfits you find these days. I have bought a few and honestly they just end up in the trash after a few wears. Liz had everything I had in mind in her store!
 The item listed read:
"Snow white dress and collar made from yellow red and blue taffeta or cotton blend for a real princess feeling!! I can custom make this from infant size to girls size 8. If your little girl will be wearing it for 'dress-up' more often and you would prefer this be made from a good quality cotton blend so that it can be laundered much more easily just let me know."
I feel in love with this dress the moment I found it. I chose the cotton blend for my little one so she could also wear it for Halloween and for our upcoming trip to Disneyland for three days! I can honestly say she is going to feel like a real princess when we visit, Snow white her self will be jealous.
Kadyence in her dress :
After all the Snow White birthday cake and apple cupcakes. The outdoor Giant sized snow white Pinata this dress washed to brand new! It is still in great condition after Halloween and play time dress up!
Dose not just make your perfect Halloween dress but she also makes beautiful Christening Suits/Dresses:

Here are a few more of her listed items:

You will find all you need for your little ones at LeapingLizzie's Etsy Shop anything from: Christening outfits, Halloween costumes, Girls dresses, Hats, Mittens, Baby blankets you name it. Everything is beautiful and all handcrafted by the very talented Liz Plane. Please take the time to check out her Etsy shop : http://www.etsy.com/shop/leapinglizzie?ref=seller_info


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous and so sweet in her Snow White dress! I am so pleased I could make this for her.

    Thanks for blogging about me and my Esty shop.


  2. I am so glad you are happy with the blog. Thank you so much again for the dress she really loves it and it made her party perfect. She can not wait to wear it to our Disneyland trip for 3 days in May!